My Cousin Died por Neuwtyn Allison

My Cousin Died por Neuwtyn Allison
Titulo del libro : My Cousin Died
Autor : Neuwtyn Allison

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Neuwtyn Allison con My Cousin Died

A short description about this book would be that it is a book about the life and death of three cousins.The first cousin is a seven years old girl abandoned by her father. She died from illness despite her mother's efforts to save her.The second cousin is a young boy betrayed by his lesbian girlfriend which eventually leads to his death.The third cousin was a cold blooded cultist who died trying to kill his father.There's a lesson to be learnt from the life of each cousin in the book.From the first cousin we learn about the role of responsibility that comes with our actions.From the second cousin we learn about the danger that comes with bad relationships.And from the third cousin we learn about the evil that comes with harboring pain and grudge.