Looking back while looking forward with my daughter

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For years, I thought I’d never find myself here again. My daughter would ask and ask but as far as I was concerned, it was off the cards. I'd spent enough time looking back. If she wanted to revisit this gem of a place that her father had ruined for me, he could bloody well bring [...]

10 things that make me happy

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After joyfully reading about 10 things that bring happiness to blogger Kristal Schirmer of Lattes & Hugs, I thought to myself, "hold on a sec — if Kristal's list can make me happy, perhaps my list could do the same for someone else." While I'm confident that I could have risen to the challenge of sharing a much [...]

Living without breast cancer — one mom’s story

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You'd think that 'living without breast cancer' wouldn't actually be a thing, especially for someone who hasn't ever had breast cancer. But oddly enough, it is. At least, for me. When my mom passed away, she was 29 years old. I was just shy of four. In my early years, this didn't really phase me. Even [...]

Teenage sex — 5 things I want my daughter to know

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My daughter is 16. She has a boyfriend. Well, sort of, kind of, almost. If you read my post on finding the sweet spot when setting limits for kids, you'll know about Ben. Ben was the 'friend' who was not a boyfriend, but rather, the best friend of the boyfriend. Well, a lot has happened since [...]

Pigsty — welcome to my teenager’s room

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I could have sworn that following my one and only pregnancy I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. As it turns out, I gave birth to a little piglet. For the first 12 years, Lucy pulled the wool right over my eyes. She kept her bedroom spic and span. Not a pencil out of place. [...]

Time to quit smoking – and this time I really mean it.

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I'm a smoking momma, not to be confused with a smokin' hot momma. That said, if I quit smoking, I'd have a better shot at becoming the latter because it really isn't an attractive habit. I started puffing away when I was 13-years-old. You know how some people take a first puff and think, "that's disgusting; [...]

The importance of modelling a positive body image

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Last night, I took my daughter to a screening of the movie Embrace – a documentary that explores how poor body image has become a worldwide epidemic. If you're a woman, I'm sure this comes as no surprise. Research suggests that 91% of us are dissatisfied with our bodies, so chances are this topic resonates with you as much as it [...]

The joke that broke my water.

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It was the perfect plan. Lucy was conceived in April 2000 and she was due to come in January 2001, three weeks after Canada's mandatory one-year maternity leave was due to take effect. And then my husband said the C-word. You know the one: C**T. It was December 22, and we were enjoying a lovely pre-Christmas evening [...]


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You are loaded with expectations I cannot meet. Were it not for you, I would not know that I should know better. I would not know that I should know at all. I long for questions to roll lightly from my tongue and run playfully in my mind. Not lodge in my throat like large chunks [...]

Finding the sweet spot when setting limits for kids

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My daughter has a boyfriend. She also has a best friend, Ben, with whom she is incredibly close. I have asked her numerous times if she is romantically involved with Ben and she insists she isn't. Accepting her answer at face value, I have still attempted to guide her with respect to some of the unwritten rules [...]